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Why EJS Cambridge

Why us?

Entebbe Junior Cambridge international section is a school for students between the ages of 2-11, offering the Cambridge international curriculum. The school strives to develop each student intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially all geared towards creating an all rounded child.

At the Cambridge international section we believe that by adopting clearly defined expectations, we will provide the students with the necessary tools to compete globally.

The school lays great emphasis on the following facets:

The curriculum:

The vehicle that will drive the curriculum will be research and project based to give the child the opportunity to be open minded and creative, the Cambridge curriculum will be the ingredient by which this will be achieved.


Parents who will be partners in their children’s learning and development and as a school we shall very clear forms of communication, that will equip you on areas to help your child.

The child

We shall provide the child with positive reinforcement that will enable the child to be confident and to succeed in a globally competitive world and on how to assert themselves in a respectful and constructive manner.


The teacher will be a role model to the child by being a mentor and facilitator and who strongly believes that any child is an achiever and therefore our school motto” Effort Achieves”.